My Story…and even more important my “Why”

Everyone has a story. Here is my story of how I got my start as a photographer.

I like to consider myself a physical therapist by trade and a photographer at heart. My dad taught me about cameras and taking pictures as a kid. He took a lot of pictures when we would camp, and I loved (and still do!) watching him, crouched and focused, trying to get just the right angle of a flower, waterfall, etc. So I decided to take a film photography class in college to fill an art requirement, and I loved it so much I considered switching majors.

Fast forward a few years to 2016…my good friend asked me to be the photographer for her wedding. At the time photography was just a hobby, and I would have never dreamed that this opportunity would drop in my lap. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, but after much prayer, thought, and discussion with her, I accepted. Was I also nervous, scared, and constantly doubting myself for the year and a half I was preparing for it?- you better believe it! Thank God, I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband and support system that continued to encourage me in the times when that self-doubting voice inside my head was at its loudest. Honestly, I was surprised how natural it felt to step into the photographer role. The experience was something I’ll never forget. The true emotion that I was able to capture for my friend was more meaningful than just snapping a few pictures. I was able to help tell a piece of her story!


So that’s how I got my start. I owe that friend and my support system so much because they believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself yet. Also because photographing my friend’s wedding made me hungry for more. It made me think that this might be something that God is nudging me to pursue.

Since then I have slowly grown my business. Through word of mouth, new opportunities kept trickling in. I found a love for telling other people’s stories and documenting a little piece of their lives through pictures, whether it be a bride’s wedding day, a new baby, a growing family, or an anniversary. It is something that has become so important and precious to me, especially since starting my own family.



That’s all great, but here is WHY I keep putting precious time and energy into this business I love…

As families, all too often we don’t take the picture or don’t put ourselves in the picture because the house is too messy, we don’t like how we look that day, there isn’t time, etc. I want to help you change that. 

As a bride or groom, your wedding day will fly by incredibly fast, so you will want more than just some nice pictures of the two of you. You will want a way to remember the details, interactions with the special people in your lives, and everything you were feeling that day.  I want to help you capture that.

Bottom line, I have found great value in documenting special moments throughout my life. I am here to serve you and help you to do the same. I love finding the beauty in people as their true selves by capturing raw emotion and meaningful relationships, because life is too short and too precious to let it rush by. 

Keep on shining,


  1. Mary says:

    Liz, you truly are a wonderful person and capturing life is a beautiful art. Keep on.
    Wished I lived closer to have you record some of my life.

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