Baby Fassbinder- Meet Adeline

It’s funny…if someone would have asked me what I would want to photograph 4 years ago, it is not likely I would have said newborns. Yet, that is what you’ll see in a large bulk of my portfolio! I have found a real joy in documenting this special time in a family’s life, because it goes by in a flash of sleepless nights. 

My own “baby” is now 15 months old as I am writing this, and can’t believe how much you forget about that time. For example, how tiny newborns’ hands and feet are, how their eyes look as they’re figuring out the new world around them, and how small they can curl up on your chest- just wanting to be as close to their mommy or daddy as they can. Anyway enough about me…meet Adeline. 


She was so content during her session and very snuggly, as long as we kept her belly full.  🙂 Ross and Megan adore her, and it’s easy to see why with her adorable round face, cheeks, and sweet faces. 


This session was especially fun, because we had some special family blankets, a teddy bear, a dress, and a baby basket to use that were made or used by special family members or friends. With all these special family heirlooms to use, you can just tell this baby is going to be loved by a multitude of family. 


I really enjoy coming into people’s homes to help document a little piece of what life is like those first couple weeks. 


We laughed because it may not be exactly what life with a newborn is like. One thing I remember as a new parent- other than the days blurring together- was how much time was spent in my pajamas on the couch or chair.  So if you are a new parent or about to become one, those first days you may not be showered, or dressed or have make-up on like you will probably do for pictures by a photographer, but I am willing to bet you will treasure and look back on those pictures when all of a sudden your “baby” is walking, running, etc. I know I did. 

Keep on Shining,


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