Cory and Natalie Engagement

As I dream about my photography business, my goal is to capture people as themselves, create a unique experience for each client, and inspire them to embrace their individuality in their pictures. Natalie and Cory were dream clients, because they brought so many unique ideas to their engagement session that were so “them” and told their unique story in some way. 

First off…how cute are they?!

Cory is a workhorse that looks tough on the outside, but really is a big softie, especially when it comes to Natalie and his dog Suzie. Natalie is a strong and determined individual with a passion for teaching children. Let me tell you, this girl was born to teach. 


Their first date was at an A&W. Turns out they were so caught up in each other that they closed the place down. So during their session we made sure to stop by for some root beer and ice cream to celebrate where they started.


Fast forward a little bit…now on most of their dates they usually end up in Fleet Farm. So that is where we headed next. I was told that when Cory goes to Fleet Farm he is on a mission and uses what Natalie lovingly likes to call his “Fleet Farm walk.” I got to witness his “Fleet Farm walk” when I challenged them to a Fleet Farm scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun and made for some cute shots. 


Last we headed over to Cory’s parents farm where I got to see where their wedding took place about 1 year later. This was a great place to make sure their 3 dogs were included. Meet Moose, Suzie, and Lexi! Don’t they make an adorable little family?!  



Using this barn was really special because it was a huge labor of love for Cory. A lot of work went into making this family barn ready for the wedding.  To give you a little perspective on the enormity of this project, Cory was a little concerned about how safe it was for me to just walk in the barn during their engagement shoot. If you want to see the end result at their wedding click here to go to their wedding post! You won’t recognize it! 


Last part of the session witnessing my first burn out- how cool it that?! Turns out Cory’s truck is also pretty important to this couples’ story. 


Didn’t I tell you?…one of a kind session!

I challenge any engaged couple who are getting photos taken to think about what makes their relationship special. What moments or places do you want to capture forever because it helped shape the couple you are or bring you together in some way? I would love to hear about your ideas and to help you create your own unique, true to your relationship session.

Keep on shining,


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