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So you may be a new visitor and wondering, who is this Liz person anyway. I came to realize that if you are welcoming me into your family home or considering me to follow you around for the majority of your wedding day, you may want to know a little bit about me. 

The most important things in my life are my faith, my family, and my friends. I’d like to tell you AND show you a little bit about my family and friends, because who doesn’t like old family photos- am I right?! 

First a little bit about my immediate family. Those are some throwback family pictures of us at our favorite campground in Northern Wisconsin. Its on a small spring-fed lake only about 1/2 mile across. My dad grew up going to this campground and it’s still a family tradition to go every year. There is something so therapeutic about sitting in the woods or in a canoe listening to loon calls. Camping is important to me because it was something that really bonded us as a family. When I say camp I mean in a tent, with pit toilets, and surrounded by real forest. This campground might not seem special to the outsider, but to us it’s our little slice of heaven on earth. 

It would be a crime to talk about family and not mention theses guys… 

In 2018 my husband and I were blessed to start our own family. I never considered myself a baby person, but I love being a mommy to this little cutie. It’s so exciting watching him grow and learn. 

Now a little about my friends. These are throwback pictures of me with my high school girls and me and my college bestie. Some of my best friends are friends I made in high school and former roommates. I used to joke that the people that remain my close friends are people who were forced to spend a lot of time with me. 😀 Now knowing myself a little better I know it’s because I am very loyal to the people I love. 

Side note, once we work together, I consider you a friend. 🙂 


Here are some other random fun facts about me. If you know anything about these topics we’ll have plenty to talk about. 😉 

– I grew up in a middle of nowhere, unincorporated, Wisconsin village- you may know the type- two bars, a church, and maybe an auto shop or gas station. 

– I work part-time as a physical therapist. I love to help people improve their walking and balance. 

– I can sing just about every Veggie Tales song there is. 

– I love playing board games. I’m more of a Cranium or Pit kinda gal (think party games or games of chance), but Settlers of Catan will often come out at family gatherings 

– I love s’mores and mastered how to make the perfect s’more. Its a closely guarded secret I’m willing to share when asked. I also believe Reese’s are a wonderful addition to s’mores. 


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Keep on shining,


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